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We are very excited about our Gladius Weapon System. Pictured above is our first prototype. Our goal is to develop the lightest nimblest 7.62mm Nato battle rifle. A lighter shorter rifle expands mission capabilities by allowing one soldier to engage targets at longer ranges with out losing CQB effectiveness. Picatinny rail systems allow the use of a wide array of mission specific optics including night vision. Lighter weight allows large more bulky optics to be used with ease.

We designed Gladius after the AR-10 pattern of rifle because of its direct impingement gas system which provides superior accuracy and eliminates a significant amount of weight. The AR platform manual of arms is very common and a wide variety of 3rd party support options are available. If you would like to see the Gladius in action please visit our videos page. We are in the process of building prototype two with a SR-25 compatible magazine and are exploring reliability with full automatic fire. Our current prototype uses a modified M14 magazine. Our end goal is compatibility with the U.S. Army's M110 sniping system and better magazine compatibility across NATO. Contact us for more information about acquiring our technology or purchasing a similarly equipped rifle. We are an exporter of both firearms and technology. We are ITAR registered and are a licensed firearms manufacture in the USA. Holding both a Class 07 and 02 S.O.T. from the BAFTE.